Policy Innovation and Alternatives

  • Niti Foundation research grants
  • Fellowships


  • Policy labs
  • Public forums/discourses

Creation of Policy Platforms

  • Nepal Policy Research Network (NPRN)
  • Farkeka Nepali (network that assists qualified Nepalis living abroad, who wish to return, network, and find jobs in Nepal)


  • Roundtable meetings with interest groups for power sector reform in Nepal
  • Mobilization of reform constituencies for electricity tariff restructuring
  • Development policy: creating public forum for users' group (Forest, Community Electricity, Irrigation, Water Supply and Sanitation User’s Group policy capacity enhancement)
  • Public forum for discussion on consumer policy


  • Mobilization of interest groups for Electricity Bill
  • Study of disputes in large scale infrastructure development projects
  • Policy formulation guidelines submitted to Government of Nepal
  • Preparation of Investment Board Directive
  • Comparative analysis of incentives for foreign direct investment in Nepal


  • Research grant: Accountability for Fairness
  • Study on making school management committees accountable
  • Study on media accountability/ ownership

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