Niti Foundation Policy Research Fund

Niti Foundation Policy Research Fund

Niti Foundation has established a separate fund – Niti Foundation Policy Research Fund – to commission its funding programs which are the Niti Policy Research Grant, Niti Policy Fellowship and Niti Young Policy Professional Program. This fund comprises of contributions from individuals, organizational donations, endowments and/ or grants from foundations.

The Niti Foundation Policy Research Fund aims to generate evidence based indigenous policy alternatives in Nepal. It does this by supporting researchers and research institutions, senior and young professionals in the policy arena to develop unconventional approaches to address major cross-cutting public policy issues. The fund supports work that initiates conversation on these challenges and stimulates innovative solutions to break new ground in Nepal's public policy process. The fund aims to identify policy problems that have remained unrecognized in the past or to approach existing problems in new ways. It seeks to support sharp and focused ideas that have the potential to create high impact on Nepal's public policy discourse and socio-economic transformation.

Niti Foundation takes innovation as any new program, product, idea, or initiative that profoundly changes the basic routines and authority flows or beliefs of a particular society or of a country. Successful innovations have durability and a broad impact, and lead to systemic change.

Niti Policy Research Grant: Niti Foundation organizes a forum that discusses pressing policy issues in the country for the purpose of choosing a research topic or agenda for the year. The forum comprises of policy practitioners and policy actors working on various aspects of public policy process in the country. Nito Foundation aims for the content of the research grant to focus on inclusive economic growth and sustainable development in Nepal. Niti Foundation announces the selected topic publicly through a Call for Proposal.

The procedural protocols that Niti Foundation follows in order to administer the grant is highlighted in Niti Research Grant Manual. The manual provides grant implementation arrangements for the formulation of Niti Grant Evaluation Committee and the Supervisory Committee, details eligibility criteria for screening applicants, and evaluation criteria for selecting proposals on a competitive basis. The manual is an exhaustive document that illustrates procedure for make a research grant.

Sumeera Shrestha, Niti Policy Research Grant Recipient 2012-13
Accountability for Fairness: Case study of monetary incentive for remarriage of widows

Niti Policy Fellowship: This is awarded to senior policy professional/s, to reflect on their experiences for the purpose of documenting successful policy initiatives in the past and for applying lessons learnt towards current and future policy initiatives. A comprehensive Fellowship Manual has been prepared and tested for this purpose.

Kashish Das Shrestha, Niti Policy Fellow 2012-13
Transitioning Nepal and its Urban Centers to Sustainable Energy Solutions with Net-Metering

Niti Young Policy Professional Program: This program is designed to build the  capacity of young professional/s with a keen interest in public policy. It aims to do this by providing exposure and on-the-job training to young professional/s in the field of public policy. Niti Foundation professional staff provides mentoring while the young professional actively participates in Niti Foundation’s activities in an intensive learning process. Through this program, Niti Foundation also aims to strengthen the network of public policy professionals in Nepal.

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