Objectives And Goals


Niti Foundation’s goal is to promote the engagement of Nepalis in policy-making process and the reformation of Nepal’s policymaking process into one that is democratic, responsive, informed and evidence-based. To achieve this goal, Niti Foundation’s long-term objectives are as follows:

  • To identify, support, and convene present and future leaders in policy reform.
  • To support networking and coalition building for policy change.
  • To promote sustainability of Nepali organizations and individuals that work on policy change.
  • To address pressing policy issues in Nepal, identifying possible policy gaps and strengthening it.

The modality for achieving these objectives is through grants to Nepali organizations and individuals to support policy change .


Niti Foundation uses democratic policymaking framework for its activities based on Policy Diagnostic Study Report, 2012 (include link?) that identified representation, implementation and accountability as major cross cutting public policy issues in Nepal.

Representation: Citizens must have a way to make their problems and needs known to government officials, and a way to make demands on officials to use government to address their problems.

Implementation: Once public officials pass laws and regulations, there must be systems for putting these policies into practice, or to put it another way, for translating words on paper into human actions.

Accountability: There must be mechanisms by which officials are monitored, evaluated, and sanctioned when they have not met their responsibilities to carry out policy.

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