Policy Process


Why invest in policy research?
Despite numerous democratic reforms and social movements, policymaking in Nepal is limited to normative procedures and the country is yet to institutionalize evidence-based democratic standards of policymaking. Some pressing questions in the Nepali policymaking process are as follows: are policies responsive and fact-based? Do policy contents, processes, and outcomes satisfy desirable democratic criteria?

Often times in Nepal, there is disconnect between social science research and policymaking, turning policymaking entirely into a partisan affair or an opinion-based endeavor. The institutions that are responsible for policy implementation, such as political parties, bureaucracy, civil society organizations, legislatures, and media often fail to include evidence-based research. On the other hand, external agencies such as international financial institutions and donor agencies dominate the policy making process. A quick explanation to this paradox is the lack of required indigenous capacity to contest or to formulate policy alternatives.

Similarly, there is a close relationship between the concept of governance and the process of public policymaking. But in Nepal an explicit process or governance-related criteria is yet to evolve for policymakers to contrast policy options or assess past performances. In addition, public policy is at best seen and practiced as a sectoral prerogative, with both content and process limited to sectoral experts. The challenge is that each sector has an implicit notion of a good policy that covers the realm of that particular discipline. Failing to integrate the criteria from different social disciplines defies the norms of making successful policy in a democratic setting.

Niti Foundation Policy Research Fund is a step towards addressing the multidisciplinary challenges that exist in public policy sphere in Nepal. By supporting initiatives of Nepali individuals and institutions, Niti Foundation seeks to transform policymaking into a more informed, transparent, responsive, and effectively implemented enterprise.

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