About Us

Niti Foundation is a Nepali non-profit organization

Since its inception in 2010, Niti Foundation is dedicated towards remaking larger communities within Nepal with particular reference to public policy reform.

To achieve this goal, Niti’s long-term objectives are:

  • To identify, support, and convene present and future leaders in public policy reform;
  • To support networking and coalition building for public policy reform; and
  • To promote sustainability of Nepali organizations and individuals that work on public policy reform.

Niti’s approach contributes to the larger discourse on innovative methods to achieve ‘more public’ policy with just and fair outcomes, in a funding environment that is increasingly characterized by donors who wish to engage more effectively in supporting policy reform. It currently provides support for Nepal’s policymakers, analysts, and public intellectuals to support and conduct research, advocacy, and action on salient policy issues. It also enables access to resources and platforms for policy discourse, and space for policy debate and contestation in the country.