Hydro Power Project Information Mapping (Hydro map)


Niti Foundation has developed a free, publicly-available online map that tracks the progress of hydropower development across Nepal, assisting stakeholders in evidence-based policy-making.  The project is funded through the “Improving the Sharing and Use of Data as Evidence for Development in Nepal” Project, supported by The Asia Foundation and Development Initiatives.

Hydropower is critically important to Nepal’s economic growth, yet limited information is available to stakeholders in the government, private sector and civil society due to the fact that data is spread across platforms of multiple government agencies responsible for the development, governance and regulation of this sector.  This project helps to bridge the gap in information by collating data from the Department of Electricity Development, Independent Power Producers Association Nepal and other government agencies, with a user-friendly interface.

The interactive web map graphically displays information about the location and status of hydropower projects.  Users can browse by river basin and administrative location and find information such as the hydropower project promoter’s identity and contact information as well as socio-economic, physical, biological, periodic and other data relevant to the project. Click here to browse the Map