Reimagining Development

Through engagement in research and practice with collaborators, the Senior Strategic Advisor of Niti Foundation, Dr George Varughese is working with the Institute for Global Development (IGD), University of New South Wales, Australia as a Research to Practice Associate. Through their engagement, the project is aimed at developing a method for reimagining support for development partnerships and communities in contexts of uncertainty and disruption.

This work draws on existing bodies of work and brings together researchers, donors, practitioners, and communities to explore case studies and emerging ideas that will shape an agenda on reimagining development. It includes a series of events and research papers that begin to explore what reimagining looks like and how the IGD can contribute to shaping a path forward.

The following activities have been completed as part of the project:

  1. Roundtables: How do practice-based approaches shape the localisation of development? – 9 November & December 2020
  2. Event: Transforming Pacific Research: Collaboration, Co-Design, and Agency – 12 November 2020
  3. Event: Complexity, Health, and Human Development: Re-imagining practices in a post COVID world – 22 October
  4. Event: Harnessing the Science-Policy-Practice Interface: Insights from Experimental Development Practice in Nepal

A complete report with papers from the Reimagining Development Workshop Series can be read here.

A summary of the roundtables can be read here.