Strategic Advisory Group

Niti Foundation’s Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) provides independent, multi-partisan strategic policy advice for policy-makers and development actors in Nepal.  These include federal, provincial, and municipal governments, as well as donors, other development partners, and key decision makers within the government and political parties. The SAG thereby plays an important role in supporting the Government of Nepal as it implements its new federal, democratic, republican constitution, which was promulgated in 2015.  

SAG activities are carried out in five thematic areas:

    1. Local-level state restructuring
    2. Security sector reform
    3. Infrastructure (water, energy and hydropower)
    4. Corruption and impunity
    5. Marginalized, vulnerable groups and social protection

The SAG is comprised of well-respected locally-based professionals.  Niti Foundation’s Senior Strategic Advisor coordinates the group, while the Chairperson and Executive Director provides support.