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Niti Foundation is a Nepali non-profit organization engaged in strengthening Nepal’s policy process through research, innovations, and alternatives. With local and international support, Niti Foundation promotes individual and organizational initiatives that strengthen policy engagement and ownership capacity in Nepal. Through its funding and technical assistance, Niti Foundation enables access to intellectual resources and platforms for policy discourse and contestation.

Since its establishment in 2010, Niti Foundation’s engagement has been guided by its diagnostic of Nepal’s policy process, which identified weak citizen participation, ineffective policy implementation, and lack of accountability as the three key factors behind failure of public policies in Nepal. Niti Foundation identifies concerns of citizens through informed dialogues and public forums; generates policy options from experts, think tanks, interest groups, and executive agencies through contestation of policy ideas; builds negotiated consensus among policy actors through roundtable meetings; and mobilizes key reform constituencies and champions for policy reform. Niti Foundation enables access to intellectual resources and platforms for policy discourse and contestation to connect policy concerns among policy actors for democratic public policy reform in Nepal. Niti Foundation has helped establish indigenous platforms for policy discourse through the establishment of networks such as the Nepal Policy Research Network.

Niti Foundation is aware that access to reliable and affordable energy is the primary engine of the country’s economic growth. Its current engagement in this sector with reform constituencies is guided by the findings from comprehensive policy dialogues, conducted in 2011, which determined, among other things, lack of investment capital, transmission infrastructure, tariff rationalization, NEA restructuring, and community participation, as key constraints to the rapid development of Nepal’s hydropower sector.


Effective public policy in Nepal has been marred by dysfunctional government bureaucracy, chronic political instability, severe capacity constraints, and myopic political vision. Additionally, attempts at influencing the government at policy level has been traditionally very weak in Nepal due to absence of representation of non-state actors in most reform efforts and lack of will among policy actors to take risks and formulate progressive policies. This is abetted by the fact that there are very few policy alternatives available for lobbyists and policymakers; the few that are available generally tend to be supported by donor agencies and reflect the preferred agendas of the funder rather than actual needs of the country. Clearly, there is a need for critical thinking among Nepali scholars to enhance their ability to challenge and examine existing policy analyses and to present alternatives based on local insights.

In this context, Niti Foundation [Niti means policy in Nepali], was envisaged to provide conceptual and empirical premises for policymakers to initiate, promote and establish conscious and influential policies and to support initiatives taken by Nepali individuals and organizations in filling gaps in policy design, mobilizing stakeholders and implementation, while presenting conceptual insights on how to make public policy more sensible, inclusive, and equitable, as well as reducing donor dependency on matters of national policy reform. Niti Foundation was established in June 2010 with initial funding from a group of policy entrepreneurs in Nepal and the Open Society Foundations, and institutional support and technical assistance from The Asia Foundation.


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